Annotation Tool

First Class Annotation Solutions

Team Scribe specializes in all the faculty of Annotation. The image annotation is our forte. The tools for the trade that we use are the smartest in the market and it enables us to accurately annotate and attribute classes to images. If you own one or have a preference, we will be obliged to get on your ecosystem. Our annotators have worked on most of the tools that is offered in the arena today, it will be a matter of moments for us to get comfortable on your platform and serve you.

And for NLP that is Natural Language Processing, we have our own tools hosted in AWS and Google Cloud and we offer services on a spectra of languages- English, Hindi, German, French, Spanish and Bengali. We offer our services in Sentiment Analysis in all the languages mentioned above

A perfect solution for your data annotation is what we are, we offer pixel perfection annotations.

The cost is lower than other players in the arena is because we engage annotators from the impacted background and it feels good as it offers them a livelihood. They stick around long enough to learn the tricks of the trade and it helps us to offer quality and this is not the case when you crowdsource. annotated 2Million+(and countingā€¦.) images and hundreds of hours of audio trans scripted and time-stamped so faršŸ˜Š