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A low-cost annotation service for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies seeking high-quality training data for diverse businesses.

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A Precise Annotation Services with Pixel Perfection

Providing the annotated image data for computer vision platforms allowing machines to detect images and classify the objects in different categorize. Scribe India makes data labeling possible for every industries to develop AI-based functional model work properly without any error.


A perfect solution for your data annotation is what we are, we offer pixel perfection annotations.

The cost is lower than other players in the arena is because we engage annotators from the impacted background and it feels good as it offers them a livelihood. They stick around long enough to learn the tricks of the trade and it helps us to offer quality and this is not the case when you crowdsource.

We Provide Best Services

Efficiently aggregate end-to-end core competencies without maintainable ideas. Dynamically foster tactical solutions without enabled value.

The Bounding Box(2D &3D)

The most common and effective way of Annotating an image is to draw the simple BBox as we call it and it’s a job that requires patience, a lot of it. The workforce that we engage hails from impacted backgrounds and they tend to stick to the profession long enough to understand the tricks of the trade.

Polygon/Polyline tools

The choice of Polygon/Polyline tools are offered in our third party SaaS platform to cater projects that requires either. The choice of Closed or Open polygon offers flexibility and ensures accuracy.

Semantic Segmentations

The Semantic Segmentation requires a lot of perfection,steady hands and conviction. The team pulls it with the comfort derived from the fact that they are made accountable at the end of the day. We maintain small teams and Quality managers are made to hover over their heads and ensure the work is done right.

Landmark/Keypoint Annotation

The SaaS Platforms that we use enables us to create customised templates for landmark/keypoint annotations. A sequence of dots are drawn in advance and are placed over the target object and accuracy is achieved by moving the dots/landmarks.

Hyperspectral and Satellite Imagery

The satellites capture images and are analysed for hyperspectral attributes and we assign them. The CSV/Json is provided for with primary data and we annotate hyperspectral images in the SaaS platform to attribute deconvolutions.


We have been serving clients from across the globe. We have clients from South-East Asia, Europe and USA. The Centre of Excellences in the prestigious Universities have put their trust on us and we delivered on their expectations

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Efficiently aggregate end-to-end core competencies without maintainable ideas. Dynamically foster tactical solutions without enabled value.

annotated 2Million+(and counting….) images and hundreds of hours of audio trans scripted and time-stamped so far

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Our Image Annotation service is spread over wide-range of industries working on AI-based or machine learning-based business models. From ecommerce to retail and healthcare, we cover most of them with same level of dedication and quality.

Self Driving

Used for computerized vision learning for autonomous vehicle driving

Health Care

The diseases diagnosis and analysis through annotated medical imaging

AI in Retail

Used for Ecommerce and retail supermarkets through vision based inspection

Autonomous Flying

Mainly used for aerial view capturing and object recognition through drones


Used as robotic arms for material handling at warehouse or assembly plants


Mainly used to keep monitoring the objects through automated security cameras

Satellite Imagery

Used for satellite images to get the view for urban management and smart cities


Used as robotics in agriculture for soil monitoring, crop harvesting or yield analysis